Posted On: Dec 3, 2020

Today, AWS Marketplace announced that buyers can now programmatically manage their Private Marketplace through a set of publicly available APIs. With Private Marketplace, customers can curate a catalog of approved third-party software available in AWS Marketplace. This enables their organization to easily purchase software from AWS Marketplace knowing that it complies with their internal policies. This release also makes it easy for Consulting Partners that manage a customer’s AWS accounts to modify the list of approved products in a Private Marketplace on behalf of their customers.

The APIs allow organizations to easily make bulk modifications of their Private Marketplace and utilize additional workflows on top of Private Marketplace. For example, Private Marketplace administrators can use Private Marketplace APIs to integrate with their existing ticketing and approval tools. Administrators can also call the APIs to create a new Private Marketplace for their organization, view approved third-party software products, add or remove approved products, and modify the branding for their Private Marketplace. These controls help organizations efficiently manage AWS Marketplace usage while enabling their developers or customers to innovate at the speed of cloud.

To learn more about Private Marketplace, visit our Private Marketplace overview page. To get started using Private Marketplace public APIs and the ability to streamline your procurement controls within AWS Marketplace, please review the AWS Marketplace Catalog API documentation.