Posted On: Dec 18, 2020

Starting today, Echo Show 8 customers can use Alexa to join Zoom meetings on a dedicated device, by simply saying “Alexa, join my Zoom meeting.” No setup is required. Alexa will ask for the meeting ID and Passcode. You can also join a meeting more seamlessly by linking your Microsoft, Google, or Apple calendar account via the Alexa app. After saying “Join my Zoom meeting” Alexa will confirm the meeting title if details are included in the invite and then join the meeting. Alexa won’t ask for additional information.

With Zoom on Echo Show 8, you can now have great meetings experiences on a dedicated device while simultaneously using your laptop for other work. The Echo Show 8, with its HD display and high-quality mics and speaker, provides a high-quality meeting experience, and a simplified way to join it.

Joining a Zoom meeting on Echo devices does not require a Zoom account. Alexa will join the meeting and pass the name associated with the Alexa account, to Zoom. Customers can also sign-in to their Zoom account on the Echo Show 8 to have a full Zoom account functionality. To sign-in to your Zoom account simply say “Alexa, open Zoom.” The app will open on the device allowing you to sign-in. After signing-in you will be asked to set up an account-PIN to better protect your privacy.

Zoom video meetings is available on Echo Show 8 in the US, thanks to Alexa for Business. Zoom _voice_ meetings are supported on other Echo family devices. See more details on the voice-only experience here.

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