Posted On: Jan 12, 2021

Amazon Lightsail now supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on Lightsail resources like instances, containers, load balancers and CDN. With this launch, Lightsail resources operate in dual-stack mode, accepting both IPv4 and IPv6 client connections. This helps unlock application scenarios where some end user clients are IPv6 only.

IPv6 adoption on the internet has increased significantly in the last few years. Depletion of IPv4 addresses has forced a growing number of networks around the globe to adopt IPv6. With this announcement, all the newly created Lightsail resources like instances, container services, load balancers and CDN distributions will automatically support IPv6 by default. This will allow these Lightsail resources to serve IPv6 traffic in addition to IPv4 that was already supported. You can also enable IPv6 for your existing Lightsail resources by simply selecting IPv6 for that resource.

In addition to supporting IPv6 traffic on Lightsail resources, Lightsail also now supports firewall rules for IPv6 traffic. This allows you to allow or restrict the network traffic to your IPv6 enabled instances based on the source IP, port and protocol of the traffic flowing in.

IPv6 support is available in all the Lightsail regions. There is no additional charge for using IPv6. Enable IPv6 on your resources today either through Lightsail console or the CLI. Learn more here.