Posted On: Jan 25, 2021

Amazon Redshift, the most widely used cloud data warehouse, doubles the managed storage capacity for RA3.16XL and RA3.4XL node-types to 128 TB per node. If your data is growing rapidly, doubling the managed storage quota will help you analyze even more data without increasing your compute cost or changing your workload.

RA3 node types are available in 3 compute sizes. A single Redshift cluster for each size can address up to 16 PB, 8 PB, and 1 PB of data with 128 nodes of RA3.16XL, 64 nodes of RA3.4XL, and 32 nodes of RA3.XLPLUS respectively. The increased storage quota is available automatically in your RA3.16XL and RA3.4XL clusters.  

To learn more about RA3 nodes, see the cluster management guide.