Posted On: Jan 19, 2021

We’re excited to introduce three free digital courses that help you learn how to configure, optimize, secure, and audit your Amazon S3 implementation. Designed for cloud architects, storage architects, developers, and operations engineers, these intermediate courses include reading modules, demonstrations, quizzes, and optional self-paced labs. The self-paced labs cost up to 15 USD per lab (this cost is not included with free digital training on

The Getting Started with Amazon S3 course explores Amazon S3 fundamentals, such as how to set up a secure configuration and data transfer, and provides an overview of integration with other AWS services. The Amazon S3 Storage Classes Deep Dive course explains how to choose the optimal storage classes for your workloads, focusing on cost, performance, and common access patterns for each storage class. The Auditing Amazon S3 Security course covers ways to audit your Amazon S3 activity and resources to improve your security posture.

Amazon S3 delivers an easy-to-manage, secure, high-performance, and durable storage solution—and these digital courses are a great way to start. Enroll now: