Posted On: Jan 15, 2021

The graphical user interface of Porting Assistant for .NET is now available in open source. Users can now view, modify, and contribute to its source code. The Porting Assistant for .NET data store and analytics engine , which includes information such as package compatibility and their known replacements, is already available through open source. With the new release, user can also participate in the UI development process.

Porting Assistant for .NET UI is a React application that uses Electron application framework. Porting Assistant for .NET UI leverages AWS UI components, which AWS has released along with Porting Assistant. AWS UI is a collection of React components that help create intuitive, responsive, and accessible user experiences for web applications. AWS UI is available under the terms of the Apache 2.0 open source license. This release of AWS UI is just the first step in a larger process of creating a new open source design system. Stay tuned for future updates in this space!

Porting Assistant for .NET is an open source analysis tool that scans .NET Framework applications and generates a .NET Core or .NET 5 compatibility assessment, helping you port your applications to Linux faster. Porting .NET Framework applications to .NET Core or .NET 5 helps customers take advantage of the performance, cost savings, and robust ecosystem of Linux.

To learn more, read about the tool in our documentation, take a look at the GitHub repo.