Posted On: Feb 17, 2021

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) now supports ten-digit long codes (10DLC) and toll-free numbers (TFN) for sending SMS text messages from businesses to consumers in the US. These new origination ID types enable SNS customers to send messages using a phone number that is unique to them, and provide improved delivery rates.

10DLC was recently launched by telecommunication service providers in the US as a new origination ID type for sending SMS text messages from businesses to consumers for transactional and promotional purposes, like bill reminders, receipt notifications, or marketing messages. US carriers have elected to work with “The Campaign Registry” to provide an industry-wide service to manage the registration and use of 10DLC numbers. The 10DLC registration process aims to increase consumer trust in application-to-person (A2P) SMS, provide higher deliverability rates for SMS sent with 10DLC, and offer higher throughput for certain message types, like one-time passwords. You can start registering your brands and associated 10DLC campaigns today using the Amazon Pinpoint console. Once registered, you can choose to buy a new phone number, or upgrade your existing phone number by associating it with the registered 10DLC campaign. Once your registration is approved, you can send A2P SMS messages with Amazon SNS using the 10DLC number as the origination ID.
Alternatively, toll-free numbers offer easy setup and moderate throughput rates for multi-factor authentication and transactional use cases, but do not support promotional use cases. Each toll-free number can be used to send up to three SMS messages per second. When you lease a toll-free number through the Amazon Pinpoint console, it’s ready for you to use immediately, with no registration process required. Once activated, you can use the TFN as an origination ID to send transactional and OTP messages using Amazon SNS.
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