Posted On: Feb 3, 2021

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) makes it easier to setup reverse Domain Name System (DNS) lookup for your Elastic IP addresses and improves your email deliverability. A reverse DNS lookup for an IP address returns its domain name and is commonly used by email services to filter out spams. This release improves your email deliverability from EC2 by enabling you to set reverse DNS lookup with just a few clicks and meet a key spam filter requirement.

Often, email services associate generic or incorrect domain name of an email’s IP address with spammers and drop such emails. Using this feature, you can assign your domain name to an Elastic IP address, enabling email services to validate your email’s domain name and, as a result, improve your email deliverability.

This feature is now publicly available in US East (Ohio), Canada (Central), EU (Milan), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), and Africa (Cape Town) AWS Regions.

To get started, use the AWS CLI, SDK or Console to set reverse DNS for an EIP. There is no additional charge to set reverse DNS for an EIP. For more information about this feature, visit the Elastic IP documentation.