Posted On: Feb 2, 2021

Application Auto Scaling’s scheduled scaling, commonly known as scheduled actions, now supports Local Time Zones in addition to the default Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). You can now create the scheduled actions in your local time zone or another time zone from your network.  

Application Auto Scaling is a service that offers standardized auto scaling experience across 11 different AWS services, beyond Amazon EC2. Auto scaling is triggered according to the policies that you define. Scheduled Action is a policy type to trigger auto-scaling at a customer’s specified time, either as a one-time event or as a recurring series of events. With this new release, you can set the schedule in the local time zone by specifying the canonical name for the time zone using AWS CLI or AWS SDKs while creating a new scheduled action.

For more details about the supported time zones and details of schedule scaling, refer the Application Auto Scaling’s user guide.