Posted On: Mar 23, 2021

Amazon QuickSight launches customized tooltips, which enable dashboard readers to get additional insights from visuals. Custom tooltips provide additional context to any visuals with more dimensions and metrics added beyond those already available on the visual. Dashboard authors can configure these tooltips, sort the display order, and customize field names within the tooltip. To learn more about tooltips, see here.
Additionally, Amazon QuickSight introduces enhancements to Anomaly Detection. Anomaly Detection helps keep an eye on your data, even when you can’t, by watching any number of time-series metrics (e.g., sales by store, SKU, product-category, and every combination of those fields). It then notifies you when something abnormal happens, which may require your attention. With today's release, you can now additionally watch the “top-level metric” (sales over time, in the above example) in addition to the metrics broken down by all the other fields. This additional level of monitoring allows QuickSight to help you keep an eye on not only the details, but also the overall picture of your data. See here to learn more.
Other additions to QuickSight include display of account name to dashboard readers and authors from the account menu on the top right. This enables knowing the QuickSight account currently logged into when you use multiple accounts (e.g., beta and production accounts). Finally, dashboard readers can now configure navigation actions to set parameters to ALL values in scenarios where the destination sheet will need to include all values of a field without any filters applied.
The above features are available in both Standard and Enterprise Edition across all supported regions - US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt, Ireland and London), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo), Canada (Central), South America (Sao Paulo) and US West (GovCloud).