Posted On: Mar 5, 2021

You can now use AWS CloudFormation templates to create and manage Amazon S3 on Outposts resources, allowing you to create buckets, endpoints and access points. Amazon S3 on Outposts delivers object storage to your on-premises AWS Outposts environment to meet local data processing and data residency needs. Using Amazon S3 APIs and features, Amazon S3 on Outposts makes it easy to store and manage data on your Outpost.

AWS CloudFormation support for Amazon S3 on Outposts is available in all commercial AWS Regions where AWS Outposts is available. To start using Amazon S3 on Outposts, visit the AWS Outposts Management Console to order an Outposts configuration that includes your desired Amazon S3 storage capacity. To get started with AWS CloudFormation for Amazon S3 on Outposts, see the CloudFormation user guide. To learn more about Amazon S3 on Outposts visit the Amazon S3 user guide.