Posted On: Mar 18, 2021

Starting today, AWS Launch Wizard deployments support the ‘No Rollback on Failure’ feature for all Launch Wizard applications. Now, when a Launch Wizard deployment fails, resources that were created as part of the deployment will not be immediately deleted/rolled back.

Because provisioned resources are retained when a deployment fails, this feature helps you troubleshoot errors at the resource level when you debug deployment issues. When you are finished debugging, you can delete the failed deployment and create a new one. If you want to immediately delete the resources when a deployment fails, you can select the 'Enable Rollback on Deployment' setting in the wizard.

AWS Launch Wizard offers a console-based guide to size, configure, and deploy AWS resources for third-party applications. It supports Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory, and SAP-based workloads. AWS Launch Wizard is available at no additional charge. You pay for only the AWS resources that are provisioned to run your workload. To learn more about AWS Launch Wizard, visit this page.