Posted On: Mar 5, 2021

AWS Proton now supports tagging of AWS Proton resources and tag-based access control. AWS Proton also tags all provisioned resources automatically with identifiers. You can now group and control your AWS Proton resources using tags, and track down all AWS resources provisioned through AWS Proton, including their costs.  

AWS Proton is the first fully managed application deployment service for containers and serverless. Platform engineering teams can use AWS Proton to connect and coordinate all the different tools needed for infrastructure provisioning, code deployments, monitoring, and updates.

You can now add tags to any AWS Proton resource, including templates, environments, and services. This new feature also streamlines the tagging process by propagating tags applied to a parent resource down to any of its child resources. For example, template major versions inherit tags from the template they belong to, and template minor versions inherit tags from their major version. This ensures consistent tag application and enables comprehensive tag-based access management.

AWS Proton also tags all provisioned resources automatically with unique identifiers for template, environment, service, and service instance. These identifying tags match the resource structure in AWS Proton, which allows you to identify all provisioned resources that come from an AWS Proton-specific template or environment.

To learn more about tagging in AWS Proton, read our documentation here. To get started with AWS Proton, visit our product page.