Posted On: Apr 1, 2021

Amazon Lightsail now offers PrestaShop and CentOS 8 blueprints. Lightsail provides a curated selection of blueprints that specify the operating system and software that is preinstalled on your instance bundles when they’re created. With the addition of PrestaShop and CentOS 8, Lightsail makes it easier to create an e-commerce site or custom application with a few clicks.

PrestaShop is a popular open source e-commerce platform. It allows entrepreneurs and businesses to quickly and easily create their own e-commerce site by leveraging over 2,000 pre-made themes and 3,500 free and paid modules. CentOS 8 is the latest version of CentOS, a Linux distribution that provides a rich, stable, and predictable development platform.

You can create Lightsail instances with both these blueprints in all AWS Regions where Lightsail is available for the same low and predictable monthly prices that you’re used to. To learn more, click here.