Posted On: Apr 19, 2021

The Amplify CLI now gives developers the ability to make multiple global secondary index (GSI) updates to their Amazon DynamoDB tables in a single deployment, enabling faster and safer data model iterations. AWS Amplify CLI is a command line toolchain that helps frontend web and mobile developers create cloud backends and connect them to their app for common use cases, like managing app data using AWS AppSync and Amazon DynamoDB.  

Developers often configure GSI updates on their DynamoDB tables to optimize their data access patterns or model relationships between tables but were previously required to deploy each GSI change separately. With the new deployment mechanism, developers can safely make multiple GSI changes on their data model in a single “amplify push” command. Additionally, GSI changes can also be easily applied from one Amplify environment to the other - for example when promoting a staging backend environment to production.  

Learn more about Amplify’s new deployment process in the Amplify documentation.