Posted On: Apr 30, 2021

Now on EC2 Image Builder, you can create a new version of your EC2 Auto Scaling launch template that references your latest Amazon Machine Images (AMIs). Using Image Builder pipeline, you can easily create these new launch template versions with the latest AMI to be used across all your AWS regions.

Previously, customers needed to manually create new Auto Scaling launch template versions with the latest AMIs in each region using an error-prone and undifferentiated process. With this feature, you can set up Image Builder to manage your fleet to use the latest approved AMIs across AWS regions.

This feature is executed during the image distribution phase in Image Builder. It adds a launch template version (from new or existing template) to the distribution configuration of your latest AMI. Using Auto Scaling instance refresh, this new launch template will safely replace instances in your Auto Scaling groups with instances launched from your new AMI.

Get started from the EC2 Image Builder Console, CLI, API, Cloud Formation, or CDK, and know more in the EC2 Image Builder documentation. You can find information about Auto Scaling instance refresh on the service documentation page.

You can also learn about upcoming EC2 Image Builder features on the public roadmap.