Posted On: Apr 27, 2021

Starting today, AWS customers can use the Performance Dashboard on AWS, a new open source AWS Solutions Implementation, to build, deploy, and maintain customizable dashboards designed to increase transparency between governments and their constituents around the performance of public sector services and initiatives.

Using AWS CloudFormation templates, you can automatically provision cloud resources to spin up your solution. Data sources may be directly integrated using a standard API for automatic, recurring collections or uploaded manually through the Performance Dashboard on AWS user interface. Once data is integrated, the solution enables users to build dashboards with custom text, formatting, and data visualizations to deliver key performance metrics for core local services like police and fire rescue, water resources, and waste collection, as well as for large-scale initiatives, such as digital transformation strategies or pandemic response efforts.  

To learn more about Performance Dashboard on AWS, visit the AWS Solutions Implementations webpage and read the blog post. We also welcome you to provide feedback or submit feature requests via our GitHub page.  

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