Posted On: Apr 6, 2021

We are excited to introduce Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS, an instructor-led course that promotes developer productivity and agile application development. This three-day, intermediate course covers how to build, secure, deploy, and manage modern serverless applications. The course includes lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, exercises, six hands-on labs, and a quiz to check your knowledge.

During the course, developers will design and build a serverless application while learning how to use observability and monitoring features to better manage the application. They will use AWS Serverless Frameworks (AWS Serverless Application Model and AWS Amplify) to deploy the serverless application in hands-on labs that progress from simpler to more complex topics. Additionally, developers will explore best practices for writing AWS Lambda functions.

During the class, developers can ask questions, work through solutions, and get real-time feedback from accredited AWS expert instructors with deep technical knowledge. Learn more about Developing Serverless Solutions on AWS. Private training is also available.