Posted On: Apr 6, 2021

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is a developer tool that leverages automated reasoning and machine learning to detect potential defects that are difficult to find in your code and offers suggestions for improvements. Today, we are announcing the general availability of Python support for CodeGuru Reviewer to help you detect coding issues and vulnerabilities in your Python code and applications.  

This launch expands the language support for CodeGuru Reviewer, extends the coverage with increased number of recommendations from 40 plus new rules for the existing detectors and three newly created detectors as below:

  • Code Maintainability: This detector helps reduce technical debt in software development cycle by enabling developers early in the process to identify code complexities or any characteristic in the source code that makes the code harder to maintain overtime, early in the process.
  • Input validation: Designed to help maintain software reliability and security through careful analysis of the codebase, this detector determines locations where input validation is insufficient or missing altogether.
  • Resource leaks: In addition to detecting leaks on open file descriptors, this detector now generates recommendations about resource leaks on a more comprehensive set of resources, including leaks on connections (example, database connections), sessions, sockets, multiprocessing thread pools, etc.

To begin reviewing code, you can associate your existing Python code repositories on GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket, or AWS CodeCommit with CodeGuru. Visit the documentation to get started and review your first 100K lines of code for free, for 90 days.  

To contact the team, visit the Amazon CodeGuru developer forum.