Posted On: May 25, 2021

Amazon Braket now offers a fully managed, density matrix simulator, DM1, to simulate quantum circuits with noise. DM1 helps you investigate the effects of realistic noise on your quantum algorithms to inform error mitigation strategies to get more accurate results from today’s quantum computing devices. With DM1, you can simulate circuits with up to 17 qubits and run up to 35 simulations in parallel, to speed up your experiments. For rapid prototyping and debugging, you can now also use the local noise simulator in the Amazon Braket SDK.

Today’s quantum computers are inherently noisy. Every operation in a quantum circuit has the potential to introduce errors, causing the results of the computation to differ. To develop better algorithms that are more robust against the effects of errors, researchers need the ability to simulate noisy quantum circuits in a convenient and cost effective manner. With the Amazon Braket SDK, you can easily add custom noise models to new or existing circuits and run them with a single line of code on DM1. DM1 provides the same convenient experience as the other managed simulators on Amazon Braket: you don’t need to install software or manage infrastructure to benefit from high-performing and parallel execution of quantum circuits. This helps you iterate faster in your algorithm design. Once your algorithm is ready, you can run it on quantum computing hardware with only minor changes to your code.

DM1 is the newest quantum circuit simulator available within Amazon Braket. Amazon Braket’s managed simulators also include SV1, a general purpose state vector simulator, and TN1, a high-performance tensor network simulator for structured quantum circuits. DM1 is available in all AWS Regions where Amazon Braket is available. To learn more and get started, see the following resources: