Posted On: May 5, 2021

Today, we are excited to announce support for customer-managed customer master keys to encrypt your code repositories in Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer. Customer-managed customer master keys allow you to create, own, and manage your encryption keys, giving you more control over how you manage the security of your CodeGuru Reviewer code.

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is a developer tool powered by machine learning that uses secure data protection practices to analyze your code and provide intelligent recommendations for improving your code quality. Previously, when CodeGuru Reviewer conducted a code review of your associated repository, your code was encrypted using a key that AWS owned and managed for you. Now, you have the option to bring your own customer-managed customer master key when you associate code repositories with CodeGuru Reviewer to gain more control over the key that encrypts your code and flexibility to help adhere to your organization’s policies. 

You are able set up encryption using your own customer-managed customer master key in CodeGuru Reviewer by using the AWS console or the AWS CLI/SDKs. For detailed instructions, please see the documentation

To learn more about CodeGuru Reviewer, take a look at the Amazon CodeGuru page. To contact the team visit the Amazon CodeGuru developer forum.