Posted On: May 4, 2021

Today we are announcing the general availability (GA) of Amazon DevOps Guru – a machine learning (ML) powered service that gives you a simpler way to measure and improve an application’s operational performance and availability and reduce expensive downtime.

Amazon DevOps Guru applies machine learning informed by years of and AWS operational excellence to automatically collect and analyze data like application metrics, logs, events, and traces for identifying behaviors that deviate from normal operating patterns (e.g. under-provisioned compute capacity, database I/O over-utilization, memory leaks, etc.). When Amazon DevOps Guru identifies anomalous application behavior (e.g. increased latency, error rates, resource constraints, etc.) that could cause potential outages or service disruptions, it alerts developers with issue details (e.g. resources involved, issue timeline, related events, etc.) via Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and partner integrations like Atlassian Opsgenie and PagerDuty. DevOps Guru then provides potential impact and likely causes of the issue with specific recommendations for remediation to reduce time to resolution —all with no manual setup or machine learning expertise required.

As part of this launch, we are introducing additional capabilities to help you improve the availability for your applications. Amazon DevOps Guru now includes support for CloudWatch Agent Container Insights with enhanced coverage for EC2, EKS, and ECS. We are also launching an improved dashboard experience where you can view the system health summary based on resources in addition to the existing CloudFormation Stacks view.

Amazon DevOps Guru is available today in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Stockholm), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo) with availability in additional regions in the coming months.

You can get started with Amazon DevOps Guru by selecting coverage from your CloudFormation stacks or your AWS account. To learn more, visit the DevOps Guru product page and the documentation pages, or post a question to the Amazon DevOps Guru forum.

You can estimate costs before or after enabling DevOps Guru for your AWS account or a single CloudFormation stack with the DevOps Guru Cost Estimator.