Posted On: May 21, 2021

AWS App2Container (A2C) now supports deployment of containerized Java and Springboot web applications to AWS App Runner. With this feature, users can now target App Runner as deployment runtime in addition to ECS and EKS that were previously supported. Using App2Container, developers can take a running Linux based web application, analyze, containerize, and deploy to App Runner in few simple steps and receive a secure URL to access the webservice. Users can take advantage of continuous deployment, auto-scaling, and monitoring of deployed webservice offered by App Runner.

AWS App2Container (A2C) is a command-line tool for modernizing .NET and Java applications into containerized applications. A2C analyzes and builds an inventory of all applications running in virtual machines, on-premises or in the cloud. You simply select the application you want to containerize, and A2C packages the application artifact and identified dependencies into container images, configures the network ports, and generates the ECS task and Kubernetes pod definitions.

AWS App Runner is a fully managed container application service that makes it easy for customers without any prior containers or infrastructure experience to build, deploy, and run containerized web applications and APIs in just a few clicks. Customers simply provide source code, a container image, or deployment pipeline, and App Runner automatically builds and deploys the web application, load balances traffic, scales on demand, and monitors application health.

To learn more, refer to App2Container technical documentation.