Posted On: May 24, 2021

Starting today, you can create and manage reserved capacity on Amazon EC2 instances on your Outposts. You can also share the Capacity Reservations on Outposts with other AWS accounts within your organization. With Capacity Reservations on Outposts, you can ensure that you always have access to EC2 capacity when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Customers can choose from a variety of AWS Outposts configurations, each providing a wide selection of EC2 instance types where they can run their applications. Some customers however have very specific requirements for portions of their applications around instance type, size, and capability, and need very high levels of assurance that they will always be able to launch that specific capacity on Outposts. Now with Capacity Reservations on Outposts, customers can create and manage capacity reservations centrally, and also share the reserved capacity on Outposts with other AWS accounts, within an organization, using AWS Resource Access Manager. This is ideal for customers who want to ensure that their application has resources for future increases in demand, including planned or unplanned spikes, backup and disaster recovery, or for planned growth and buffer.

You can create, modify, and remove capacity reservation on Outposts at any time using the AWS Management Console, AWS SDK and CLI. To get started, use the create-capacity-reservation command with these attributes: Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Outpost, Instance Type - the type of instance to launch into the reserved capacity, and Instance Count - the number of instances for which to reserve capacity. For example, the following command creates a Capacity Reservation that reserves capacity for five m5.2xlarge in an Outpost.

$aws ec2 create-capacity-reservation --outpost-id op-8d7d65e20146a962e --instance-type m5.2xlarge --instance-count 5

To share the Capacity Reservations on Outposts with other AWS account within your organization follow these three easy steps: create a Resource Share through AWS Resource Access Manager, add resources (Capacity Reservations) to the Resource Share, and specify the target accounts that you wish to share the resources with. You can monitor the Capacity Reservations usage metrics using Amazon CloudWatch metrics and identify unused capacity by setting CloudWatch alarms to notify you when usage thresholds are met.

Capacity Reservations on Outposts are available to all Outposts customers at no additional cost and supported in all commercial and GovCloud regions and countries where Outposts is available today. To learn more about creating, managing, and sharing EC2 capacity reservations on Outposts, visit the technical documentation. To learn more about AWS Outposts, visit this product page.