Posted On: May 20, 2021

Using the AWS Toolkit for VS Code, customers can now create, locally debug, and deploy AWS Lambda functions written in Java and Go. Java users will be able to step-through debug Lambda functions built with Maven and Gradle in Java 8, Java 8.al2, and Java 11, while Go users will be able to do the same with Lambda functions built in Golang 1.14+.

The AWS Toolkit for VS Code is an open-source plugin that lets you leverage the integrated development environment (IDE) for the creation, debugging, and deployment of software applications on Amazon Web Services. The AWS Toolkit extension shows resources in your AWS account through the AWS Explorer view. This interface option enables you to interact with an array of AWS services to carry out tasks such as viewing S3 resources, opening CloudWatch logs, and invoking Lambda functions.

Install the AWS Toolkit and check out the AWS Toolkit User Guide. You can share your views using the feedback tool in the IDE plugin, or submit feature requests and issues on GitHub.