Posted On: Jul 14, 2021

Amazon Lightsail now provides you with the ability to store your static content such as images, videos or HTML files in an object storage that can be used for your websites and applications. Lightsail object storage can be associated to your Lightsail CDN distribution with a few simple clicks, making it quick and easy to accelerate the delivery of your content to a global audience. It can also be used as a low cost, secure backup solution. Lightsail object storage comes with the same predicable pricing as its other offerings with three different flat rate bundles starting at $1/month.

Lightsail object storage allows you to store your data securely, by providing you the ability to manage the public access permissions of your objects with three simple configuration options. It also offers you the flexibility of using access keys or roles for programmatic access to your website and application content. With Lighsail's friendly and intuitive console, you can easily share content with other AWS accounts, organize your data, backup objects and create monitoring alerts to meet your needs.

Start building with Amazon Lightsail object storage for free with the included 12-month trial. You can create and manage your resource using the console or via the AWS CLI in all the regions supported by Lightsail. To learn more about Lightsail object storage, click here.