Posted On: Jun 15, 2021

AWS App Mesh Controller for Kubernetes v1.4.0 is now available and includes support for enhanced ingress traffic management capabilities. The AWS App Mesh Controller for Kubernetes provides a way to configure and manage AWS App Mesh using Kubernetes directly. AWS App Mesh is a service mesh that provides application-level networking to standardize how your services communicate, giving you end-to-end visibility and allowing high availability for your applications.

With this release, you can configure Gateway and Virtual Router Routes to enable or disable request rewriting, add or remove prefixes, and edit the path component of the request as it enters your mesh. Moreover, it’s now possible to match requests to Gateway and Virtual Router destinations based on the hostname and/or header or by using regular expressions on the path. This increased flexibility makes it easier to build microservice applications with complex architectures.

To get started, see the following resources: