Posted On: Jun 24, 2021

You can now simplify the process of configuring GitHub Actions workflows for building serverless applications with a single line. The new AWS-supported setup-sam GitHub Action makes it easier to keep consistency across GitHub Actions runners, stay up-to-date with AWS Serverless Application Model CLI (AWS SAM CLI) tooling, and select its versions. The AWS SAM CLI is a developer tool that makes it easier to build, locally test, package, and deploy serverless applications. GitHub Actions is a service that helps automate tasks within the software development lifecycle. GitHub Actions runner is the application that runs a job from a GitHub Actions workflow.

Customers that use GitHub Actions for continuous integration of serverless applications must select the type of GitHub Action runner for their needs (e.g. ubuntu-latest), and ensure it contains all the necessary tooling. Customers can use a GitHub hosted runner, which is a virtual machine hosted by GitHub with the runner application installed. They can also host their own runners to customize the environment used to run jobs in their GitHub Actions workflows. The new setup-sam GitHub Action simplifies the setup of continuous integration jobs because it provides consistency across both hosted and self-hosted runners. It enables selecting specific AWS SAM CLI tooling version, or automatically using the latest. setup-sam is now available on the GitHub Marketplace. To learn more about the setup-sam GitHub action, see the tutorial on the AWS Compute Blog. You can install the AWS SAM CLI by following the instructions in the documentation.