Posted On: Jun 30, 2021

We are delighted to announce the addition of Tag Tamer to the AWS Solutions Implementations portfolio. AWS Solutions Implementations help you solve common problems and build faster using the AWS platform.

Tag Tamer helps you apply tags to new and existing AWS resources. Using the pre-built web user interface ensures a consistent tagging implementation—providing improved cost allocations, automation, access controls, and organization.

The solutions implementation provides the following features to help you manage resource tags on multiple AWS services:

  • Find, correct and prevent tag misspelling and capitalization errors
  • Enforce tagging rules
  • Find and update incorrect tags
  • Find untagged resources
  • Export reports of AWS resources and their assigned tags
  • Manage AWS Service Catalog’s TagOptions
  • Launch a pre-built web user interface to manage tags across AWS accounts and services
  • Inspect existing AWS resource tags, modify the tags, and create reusable tag options
  • Store tag key-value pairs in a centralized and secure repository
  • Find and replace incorrect tags and discover resources with no tags
  • Automatically apply tags to new AWS resources
  • Initiate workflows to enforce your organization’s required tags
  • Select and apply approved tags when launching new products from AWS Service Catalog

Additional AWS Solutions Implementations are available on the AWS Solutions Implementations webpage, where you can browse technical reference implementations that are vetted by AWS architects, offering detailed architecture and instructions for deployment to help build faster to solve common problems.