Posted On: Jul 7, 2021

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) now supports resource identifiers and tags for security group rules. You can now manage VPC security group rules using the assigned rule IDs and resource tags.

Before this release, you had to reference and manage security group rules based on the rule attributes such as ports, protocols, or IP CIDRs, which can become difficult to incorporate into automation tooling. With the introduction of security group rule IDs, every security group rule is automatically assigned a unique resource ID. You can reference security group rules in your automation tooling by their newly introduced resource IDs to simplify querying, revoking and updating your security group rules at scale. In addition, you can specify tags for security group rules and manage them in a more structured manner with rule-specific metadata.

Security group rule IDs and tags for security group rules are available in the AWS Management Console, AWS API, and AWS CLI. There is no charge for using security group rule IDs or tags for security group rules. These enhancements are now available in all commercial AWS regions. To learn more about these EC2 security group enhancements, please visit the documentation or read the blog post.