Posted On: Jul 26, 2021

AWS App2Container (A2C) now supports containerization and deployment of multi-tier Windows applications. This is in addition to A2C support for ASP.NET applications. With this release, customers can now containerize the following types of Windows applications: a) Multi-tier Windows applications — IIS applications or Windows services running in multi-tier architecture containerized separately, deployed to ECS or EKS clusters, and create network resources for communication between deployed applications, b) Cooperating applications on the same host - multiple applications running on the same host containerized in a single container. This release also allows customers to containerize a Windows service in a stand-alone container. Customers can continue to deploy these containerized multi-tier applications to their choice of container platforms, ECS or EKS using A2C.

AWS App2Container (A2C) is a command-line tool for modernizing .NET and Java applications into containerized applications. A2C analyzes and builds an inventory of all applications running in virtual machines, on-premises or in the cloud. You simply select the application you want to containerize, and A2C packages the application artifact and identified dependencies into container images, configures the network ports, and generates the ECS task and Kubernetes pod definitions.

To learn more, refer to App2Container technical documentation.