Posted On: Jul 14, 2021

Starting today, racers from anywhere in the world can compete with each other virtually and in real-time from within the AWS DeepRacer Console while colleagues, friends, and family watch a LIVE broadcast of the event online. Previously only available to qualifiers in the AWS DeepRacer League’s monthly Pro Division finale, this new LIVE event option for Community Races gives every participant a chance to post fastest lap time while manually managing their agent’s speed within the AWS DeepRacer simulation.

Race organizers simply set the date and time for the event, configure the race rules, and choose whether to broadcast the LIVE stream privately to only their participants or publicly for anyone to watch on popular live-streaming platforms such as Twitch. AWS DeepRacer LIVE race documentation provides resources such as ready to use video templates and frames for streaming and quick start guides for setting up a live stream.

Create an AWS DeepRacer LIVE event now and learn more in AWS DeepRacer documentation.