Posted On: Jul 20, 2021

You can now respond to AWS IQ messages from experts and buyers directly from your email, without logging into AWS IQ. If you are offline and receive responses from buyers or experts, you will receive unread responses via email. Reply to the email or log in to AWS IQ to continue the conversation. All responses will appear as chat messages in the AWS IQ application.

AWS IQ enables you to collaborate directly with AWS Certified experts and consulting firms through the chat-based web application. Responses via email allows you to chat with experts even faster, helping you get the hands-on help you need to build on AWS.

To respond via email, post a request in AWS IQ and wait for expert responses. Simply respond to the email to continue the conversation with AWS Certified experts. Log in to AWS IQ to accept a proposal or payment request. 

AWS IQ is available to customers globally (excluding China). Post a request or learn more about AWS IQ.