Posted On: Jul 15, 2021

FreeRTOS AWS reference integrations are pre-integrated FreeRTOS projects ported to microcontroller-based evaluation boards that demonstrate end-to-end connectivity to AWS IoT Core. This helps developers save months of development effort and accelerate time to market. FreeRTOS AWS reference integrations now include the new managed AWS IoT Over-the-Air update (OTA) library, AWS IoT Jobs library, and the AWS IoT Device Defender custom metrics feature from the FreeRTOS 202012.01 LTS release, and the coreMQTT Agent library from the FreeRTOS 202104.00 release.

Developers can use the reference integrations to get started on a wide variety of evaluation boards and use the integrated libraries to remotely update IoT device firmware, manage IoT device fleets, monitor IoT device fleet metrics, and to simplify the management of MQTT connections in multi-threaded applications. See more details on the functionality of these libraries in the FreeRTOS 202012.01 LTS announcement blog and the FreeRTOS 202104.00 release blog.

You can find a list of evaluation boards that use the LTS libraries on the AWS reference integrations page (marked “LTS”) and get started by downloading FreeRTOS source code from GitHub or the FreeRTOS console