Posted On: Aug 5, 2021

Amazon Athena now lets you store results in the format that best fits your analytics use case. Using Athena's new UNLOAD statement, you can format results in your choice of Parquet, Avro, ORC, JSON or delimited text. Athena's SQL-based interface and support for open formats are well suited for creating extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipelines that prepare your data for downstream analytics processing.

Whether you are formatting source data for import into a data mart, normalizing inputs to a 3rd party visualization tool, or preprocessing data for machine learning pipelines, UNLOAD provides you with the flexibility to choose the right format for the job. To automate and secure your pipelines, you can combine UNLOAD with Athena's prepared statements feature to parameterize repeated executions and encrypt data according to your S3 encryption configuration. UNLOAD helps engineers, analysts and data scientists to create scalable, serverless, analytics pipelines directly within their Athena workloads. 

UNLOAD is available for use in the Athena console, API, and SQL using Athena’s ODBC or JDBC drivers. To learn more, see UNLOAD in the Athena SQL Reference documentation.