Posted On: Aug 17, 2021

AWS IoT Device SDK for Embedded C (C-SDK) release 202108.00 includes the AWS SigV4 library and a refactored AWS IoT Fleet Provisioning client library for IoT applications. This release makes it easier for developers using C-SDK to authenticate inbound API requests to AWS services from IoT devices running HTTP, and provision IoT devices that do not have unique certificates.

AWS Signature Version 4 (SigV4) is the process to authenticate requests to AWS services by adding authentication information to HTTP requests. The SigV4 library generates a signature and authorization header that complies with the SigV4 signing process, and helps authenticate IoT devices that send HTTP requests to AWS services such as Amazon S3. 

The Fleet Provisioning library enables you to provision IoT devices using Fleet Provisioning for AWS IoT Core, a feature in which AWS IoT generates and securely delivers device certificates and private keys to your devices when they connect to AWS for the first time. The SigV4 and Fleet Provisioning libraries are optimized for memory usage and modularity, and have undergone code quality checks (e.g. MISRA-C compliance, Coverity static analysis ). For additional information on all C-SDK libraries and updates, see C-SDK README.

You can get started by downloading source code from GitHub, and can find more information in the AWS IoT Core Developer Guide for C-SDK.