Posted On: Aug 17, 2021

AWS Transfer Family now supports configuring a client side externally accessible IP address on an FTPS/FTP server, allowing clients behind a firewall or a NAT router to connect to the server. Additionally, customers can now easily scale up their workloads by creating up to 50 servers within AWS Transfer Family in a single AWS account and region, a fivefold increase in the previously supported limit of 10 servers.

AWS Transfer Family provides fully managed file transfers over SFTP, FTPS, and FTP for Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS. With this launch, customers now have the flexibility to attach the IP address of the firewall or the router to their FTPS/FTP server. This configuration streamlines file transfers to successfully traverse firewalls and routers, expanding server compatibility to a broad range of clients and network configurations.

AWS Transfer Family customers can use AWS API, AWS CloudFormation, and SDKs to configure this setting in their FTPS/FTP server. To learn more about this configuration, read this blog and refer to the documentation on Protocol Details