Posted On: Sep 7, 2021

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is a developer tool that leverages automated reasoning and machine learning to detect potential code defects that are difficult to find and offers suggestions for improvements. Today, we are announcing the addition of a new set of detectors that can identify inconsistencies within a code repository. These inconsistency detectors are a new type of machine learning based detector that analyzes coding patterns within a developer’s repository and helps detects when there is an anomaly that deviates from their standard pattern.

An example of an inconsistency that CodeGuru Reviewer can now find is a missing null check. Previously, if a developer always included a null check for input into a certain function, but accidentally missed it one time, CodeGuru would not have detected this anomaly. Now, CodeGuru Reviewer can identify patterns within a repository, such as always including a null check on input into a certain function, and detect when the developer deviates from their standard pattern. Other examples of inconsistencies that CodeGuru Reviewer can detect include typos, inconsistent logging patterns, and missing API calls. After detecting an inconsistency, CodeGuru Reviewer provides recommendations for how the developer can remediate it.

Visit the documentation to get started with Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer and analyze your first 100K lines of code for free, for 90 days. To learn more, take a look at the Amazon CodeGuru page. To contact the team, visit the Amazon CodeGuru developer forum.