Posted On: Sep 8, 2021

Today, AWS announced that customers can use aliases to refer to Amazon Machine Images (AMI) purchased from AWS Marketplace. AMI aliases are unique identifiers that be used instead of an AMI ID in deployment scripts. Starting today, aliases are available for all single AMI products on AWS Marketplace. This simplifies launching new AMIs as customers don’t have to change AMI IDs for each region every time there is a version update. Customers can rather use a single alias that will auto-resolve to current AWS region. Additionally, customers can always refer to the latest version by using the ‘latest’ alias for a given AMI product. This will automate deployment pipelines and reduce the manual steps required to upgrade to a new version of AMI purchased from AWS Marketplace.

Customers can find the alias of subscribed AMI on the product’s configuration page. To learn more about it, please refer to the public documentation here.