Posted On: Oct 27, 2021

Today, we are introducing Amazon EC2 Spot placement score to help you find the optimal location for your Spot workloads. Spot Instances availability varies depending on the instance type, time of day, Region, and Availability Zone. Until now there was no way to find an optimal Region or Availability Zone to fulfill your Spot capacity needs without trying to launch Spot Instances there first. Now, Spot placement score can recommend a Region or Availability Zone based on your Spot capacity requirements. Spot placement score is useful for instance type flexible workloads that can be launched in any Region or Availability Zone.

To get started, go to the Spot placement score screen under the EC2 Spot Console. Simply specify the amount of Spot capacity you would like to request, what your instance type requirements are, and whether you would like a recommendation for a Region or a single Availability Zone. For instance type requirements, you can either provide a list of instance types, or you can just specify the attributes your instances must have, like the number of vCPUs and amount of memory. You will receive a score for each Region or Availability Zone on a scale from 1 to 10, based on factors such as the requested instance types, target capacity, historical and current Spot usage trends, and time of the request. The score reflects the likelihood of success when provisioning Spot capacity, with a 10 meaning that the request is highly likely to succeed. Please note that Spot placement score serves as a recommendation only and no score guarantees that your Spot request will be fully or partially fulfilled.

You can use Spot placement score through EC2 Spot Console, AWS CLI, or SDK. To learn more about Spot placement score see Spot placement score documentation and blog post.