Posted On: Oct 21, 2021

Starting today, you can trigger the interruption of an Amazon EC2 Spot Instance using AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS). Spot Instances use spare EC2 Capacity that is available up to 90% discount compared to the On-Demand price. In exchange for the discount, Spot Instances can be interrupted by Amazon EC2 when Amazon EC2 needs the capacity back. When using Spot Instances, you need to be prepared to be interrupted. With FIS, you can test the resiliency of your workload and validate that your application is reacting to the interruption notices that EC2 sends before terminating your instances. You can target individual Spot Instances or a subset of instances in clusters managed by services that tag your instances such as ASG, Fleet and EMR.

With a few clicks in the console, you can set up an experiment that triggers interruptions on your Spot Instances. Additionally, you can leverage FIS experiments to run more complex scenarios with additional distributed system failures happening in parallel or building sequentially over time, enabling you to create the real world conditions necessary to find hidden weaknesses in your workloads.

FIS is available in all of the commercial AWS Regions today except Asia Pacific (Osaka) and the two China regions. 

To learn more about Spot Instances visit Amazon EC2 Spot Instances page.