Posted On: Oct 19, 2021

Amazon CloudFront is now supported by the AWS Pricing Calculator. Estimate the cost of CloudFront workloads, which primarily includes costs associated with data transfer and requests. Apart from providing tips to estimate the number of requests based on your data transfer volume, the calculator gives you a granular view of costs across different usage tiers and CloudFront regions. 

Using the estimate produced by AWS Pricing Calculator, you can determine the optimal monthly spend commitment towards CloudFront Security Savings Bundle, a flexible self-service pricing plan that helps you save up to 30% on your CloudFront bill in exchange for a 1-year commitment. You can easily enable CloudFront Security Savings Bundle from the CloudFront console. Finally, the Calculator also determines whether you qualify for additional discounts based on your total monthly traffic levels. 

To get started, choose Amazon CloudFront in AWS Pricing Calculator. To learn more about how to save, share, and export cost estimates, see the AWS Pricing Calculator User Guide.