Posted On: Oct 26, 2021

Amazon Route 53 Resolver is the recursive DNS service that runs by default in your Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). Paired with Route 53 Resolver Endpoints and Resolver Rules, you can create seamless DNS query resolution across your entire hybrid cloud, with precise control over the resolution of DNS namespaces between your on-premises data center and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

Route 53 Resolver automatically creates rules for reverse DNS lookup for all VPCs where you set "enableDnsHostnames" to "true." Previously, customers could not disable these rules. While these default rules are useful for many customers, some customers with hybrid cloud architectures need to forward all reverse DNS queries to their on-premises name servers, for example to enable on-premises Active Directory services to perform user authentication.

With today’s release, customers can disable the creation of these default reverse rules and instead forward queries for reverse DNS namespaces to external servers as desired.

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