Posted On: Oct 11, 2021

NoSQL Workbench for DynamoDB, a client-side tool that helps you design, visualize, and query nonrelational data models by using a point-and-click interface, now helps you import and automatically populate sample data to help build and visualize your data models. Now, you can import sample data from .csv files into new and existing data models. You also can export your query results in .csv format from the NoSQL Workbench operation builder.

Designing scalable data models is essential to building massive-scale, operational, nonrelational databases. However, designing data models can be challenging, particularly when you are designing data models for new applications that have data access patterns you are still developing. With NoSQL Workbench, you can design and visualize nonrelational data models more easily by using a point-and-click interface, and help ensure that the data models can support your application’s queries and access patterns. Now you can import as many as 150 records from .csv files to new and existing data models in NoSQL Workbench to test and adapt them for your applications. You also can save and export your query results in .csv files from the operation builder for collaboration, documentation, and presentations.

NoSQL Workbench is available for macOS, Linux, or Windows. For more information, see Adding Sample Data to a Data Model.