Posted On: Nov 29, 2021

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) now supports pull through cache repositories, a new feature designed to automatically sync images from publicly accessible registries. With today’s release, customers now benefit from the download performance, security, and availability of Amazon ECR for the public images.

Organizations rely on public registries for images to build or complement their container applications. The more public images that are pulled, the more teams need to ensure they stay updated with the public image’s source registry. With pull through cache repositories, there are no additional solutions or tools to manage. Using pull through cache, customers can cache public images into their ECR registry and leverage all the benefits of Amazon ECR without the operational burden of syncing public images. It supports frequent source registry syncs, helping to keep container images sourced from public registries up to date, and lets customers use ECR features for both public and private images.

To learn more about Amazon ECR pull through cache repositories, read our blog post and review our technical documentation.