Posted On: Nov 11, 2021

Amazon Nimble Studio today supports the ability for administrators to test their launch profile configurations directly from the console, which can reduce the number of errors artists experience when provisioning a workstation.

Nimble Studio customers utilize launch profiles to define access to AWS resources and connect to managed workstations. As the needs of studios grow, administrators may update AWS resources such as VPC, storage, license servers, and the corresponding launch profiles which can correspond to instance launch failure and prevent artists from working on their tasks. Starting today, administrators have the ability to test launch profile configuration changes on the same workstations the artists use for tasks directly from the Nimble Studio console. By utilizing this new test launch feature, administrators can reduce failed launches of virtual workstations, reducing the impact on artists. Administrators will see the launch profiles marked as “Ready” or “Impaired” based on the success of the test launch. History of all the test launches will be stored as a metric in the customers’ CloudWatch account.

Using the Test Launch feature will incur the same metered workstation charges Nimble Studio users experience today. Furthermore, customers may experience a charge for an additional CloudWatch metric, visit Amazon CloudWatch pricing for information. To learn more, visit the Nimble Studio documentation page.