Posted On: Nov 30, 2021

Today we announced the General Availability of Amazon WorkSpaces Web. WorkSpaces Web is a new capability from our End User Computing suite - a low cost, fully managed WorkSpace built specifically to facilitate secure, web-based workloads. WorkSpaces Web makes it easy for customers to safely provide their employees with access to internal websites and SaaS web applications without the administrative burden of appliances or specialized client software. WorkSpaces Web provides simple policy tools tailored for user interactions, while offloading common tasks like capacity management, scaling, and maintaining browser images.

With WorkSpaces Web, corporate data never resides on remote devices. Web sites are rendered in an isolated container in AWS, and pixel streamed to the user. The isolated browsing session provides an effective barrier against attacks packaged in web content and prevents potentially compromised end user devices from ever connecting with internal servers. Every session launches a fresh, always up to date, non persistent web browser. WorkSpaces Web supports enterprise controls that allow customers to set browser policies (e.g. enable/disable extensions, allow/deny list specific URLs, or any of Chrome’s 300+ policies) and user settings (e.g. clipboard, file transfer, or local printer controls). When the session is complete, the browser instance is terminated, ensuring sensitive corporate web content is never outside enterprise control. WorkSpaces Web provisions browser sessions for users on demand, automatically. AWS manages the capacity and scaling, so customers do not need to specify the instances, size their fleet, predict usage, or create and manage complex scaling logic. WorkSpaces Web automatically updates to the latest browser version, eliminating the need for customers to update and manage browser images.

WorkSpaces Web offers low, predictable, pay as you go pricing. Customers pay only a low, monthly price for employees who actively use the service, eliminating the risk of over-buying. There are no up-front costs, licenses, or long-term commitments. For more information, see Amazon WorkSpaces Web pricing page. WorkSpaces Web is now available in Northern Virginia, Oregon, and Dublin and will be coming to additional regions in 2022. To get started with WorkSpaces Web log into the Amazon WorkSpaces Console, select a region, and create a web portal.