Posted On: Nov 19, 2021

Today, AWS Amplify announces the ability to export Amplify CLI-generated backends as a Cloud Development Kit (CDK) stack and incorporate into existing CDK deployment pipelines. The AWS Amplify CLI is a command line toolchain that helps frontend developers create app backends in the cloud. This new capability allows frontend developers to build their app backend quickly and, each time it is ready to ship, hand it over to DevOps teams to deploy to production.

Many developers need the ability to use Amplify with existing DevOps guidelines and tools. For example, some organizations require apps to be deployed to production with an existing deployment systems that enforces organizational DevOps and security guidelines. Now, frontend developers can use the Amplify CLI to iterate on their app backend quickly and, prior to each production deployment, run "amplify export" to provide an exported Amplify backend for an existing deployment system. A new “Amplify Exported Backend” CDK construct is now also available that allows DevOps engineers to incorporate Amplify backends as a deployment stage with only a few lines of code.

Learn more about how to export Amplify backends to CDK in our blog post and or in the Amplify documentation.