Posted On: Nov 19, 2021

Today, AWS CloudFormation StackSets announces the capability to execute multiple operations for simultaneous execution. StackSets extends the functionality of CloudFormation stacks by letting you create, update, or delete stacks across multiple AWS accounts and Regions with a single operation. You can now submit more than one operation per stack set to be executed concurrently. This capability will enable you to reduce overall processing times with StackSets. Additionally, you can avoid the overhead of building logic to batch and queue operations submitted to StackSets.

With this launch, you can simultaneously submit for execution, several operations that belong to a single stack set. CloudFormation StackSets will concurrently execute non-conflicting operations such as two operations updating different stack instances. Additionally, CloudFormation StackSets will queue conflicting operations for immediate processing once the conflict is resolved, such as “update-stack-instance” and “update-stackset”. You can avoid building and maintaining automation that handles batching and queuing logic to submit individual operations sequentially. The concurrent operational execution enables you to obtain an improvement in the overall performance when using the StackSets.

To get started, use the CloudFormation console, AWS CLI, or AWS SDKs to create or update a stack set. You can specify the “ManagedExecution” property of the CloudFormation stack set to “Active” to start submitting concurrent operations for your stack set. You can use the StackSets simultaneous execution functionality in all AWS Regions where AWS CloudFormation StackSets is currently available. For more information, please refer to the documentation.