Posted On: Nov 24, 2021

Today, we are announcing three new enhancements for AWS IoT SiteWise that make it easier for customers to collect data from industrial equipment at scale. The new enhancements reduce the number of steps required to ingest equipment data to the cloud, and add flexibility for customers modeling their physical operations using AWS IoT SiteWise asset models and assets.

Customers can now ingest equipment data without needing to create asset models and assets in advance. Previously, customers needed to create asset models and assets, as well as assign data streams to an asset before ingesting data to the cloud. Now, customers can ingest equipment data into AWS IoT SiteWise without defining asset models and creating assets for industrial equipment. This allows users to visualize data streams in the AWS IoT SiteWise console and use that information to decide how to best map data streams to assets.

AWS IoT Sitewise now has the flexibility to re-assign data streams from one asset to another. Customers can use this flexibility to evolve the modeling of their production site as it changes over time. To learn more, visit the Data Streams page in our user guide.

AWS IoT SiteWise has also released new enhancements to the access control for your equipment data. You can now grant a user access to data streams associated with one production site, and restrict access to data streams associated with another production site within the same AWS account. To learn more, visit How AWS IoT SiteWise works with IAM in our User Guide.

These enhancements are enabled by default for all new AWS IoT SiteWise customers. Existing customers can opt into the feature through the AWS IoT SiteWise console after reviewing the prerequisites section on Managing data streams in our User Guide.

AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service to collect, model, analyze and visualize data from industrial equipment at scale. To learn more, please visit the AWS IoT SiteWise website or the developer guide.